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Govind Acharya, M.D.

Learn about Dr. Acharya and the foundation he has paved for Acharya Plastic Surgery Center.

Dr. Acharya provides a range of services to meet the needs of the client including: Independent Medical Examinations, Group Evaluations, Medical Records Reviews and Peer Reviews. In addition, Dr. Acharya is able to provide Second Surgical Opinions, Disability Evaluations, and Utilization Reviews.

Independent Medical Examinations

Independent Medical Examinations (IME) provides a comprehensive evaluation and report to include the history, medical record review, and physical examination of an individual’s injury or illness. They help to determine the causation, diagnosis, and extent of medical treatment for the injury/illness. These examinations can establish whether a person has reached maximum benefit from treatment if treatment is related, any recommended treatment plan and medication utilization. They can also help clarify working capability and whether any permanent impairment or disability remains or is anticipated as a result of the injury/illness.

Medical Record Review

A comprehensive review and report on the medical records of an individual by a qualified medical specialist to determine the status of a person’s injury/illness. This can assist in determining necessary treatments, the effectiveness of current treatment, or help address potential disability that may be part of the injury/illness.

Peer Review

A Peer Review provides a detailed report of an individual’s medical records. This is done by a qualified physician of the same medical specialty as the treating physician. Peer reviews provide an analysis of medical treatment guidelines and continuity of care within the parameters of physicians of the same educational and medical expertise.

Second Opinion Surgical Evaluation

Evaluations performed when there is a question if surgery is the best option for an injured party or if more conservative treatment should be rendered before surgical intervention is performed.

Disability Evaluation

An evaluation performed by a physician to determine the percentage of disability/impairment based on the allowed conditions in a claim. These ratings are in most cases determined according to the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (6th Edition) or whichever standard is being utilized by State Regulation.

Dr. Acharya has performed a number of independent medical examinations and evaluations for patients who are involved in various trauma situations including severe to mild burns /personal injuries.

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